Telematic Intelligence

The Kompass Vehicle Tracking System is the first in the industry to employ artificial intelligence. The state-of-the-art system provides real-time GPS location data, generates instantaneous anti-theft alerts, and can remotely and automatically shut down the engine in case of unauthorized use. Our mission is to provide safety, security and peace of mind to our customers, provide business intelligence for commercial verticals and create a safer and a more secure society by offering affordable IoT security solutions. Get detailed statistics of travel history, with a range of real-time alerts such as geo-fencing, device tamper, SOS panic button and more.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking (1 second refresh) with current speed, journey distance and time. Switch between map view and satellite view with ignition status.

Fleet Management Operational Efficiency

With knowledge of your fuel cost, idle-time alerts and calculations for every trip, and smart driving insights, our users benefit from increased cost-efficiency and savings.